Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Recipe for Awesomeness

...aka "Kimchi" - the Korean dish made from fermented cabbage! 


- Cabbage (durrr)
- Ginger, finely sliced, or Ginger powder (available at Fysal in Oshakati) if you can't find ginger root
- Cayenne powder, and/or peri-peri powder, and/or Korean chili-paste, and/or chili-flakes.... whatever makes it 'pop'.
- Lemon and/or Lemon juice (fresh lemon preferred)
- Salt
- Sugar (I used light brown sugar... yummmm)
- Sesame oil
- Soy sauce! (Koreans traditionally use fish sauce but mine is vegan)
- chopped garlic

(Optional for taste, depending on preference: chopped onions, chopped carrots, raisins, ... feel free to experiment!)


- Take the cabbage and cut the SHEBANG! out of it. Cut it guuuuuud.  Cut it fine.  Or not.... whatever. I like to make sure it's bite-sized and not in huge lumps as is usually the case when one cuts cabbage.
- Soak the cabbage in salty water for 2-4 hours, but don't keep looking at your watch or i'll come over and make fun of you.  [The salt-water is meant to draw out excess water, while softening the cabbage].  Use roughly a quarter cup per gallon.... so maybe just a couple tablespoons per liter?  
- Drain the water from the cabbage and squeeze the cabbage to get out excess water.
- Add stuff.  Make it taste good.  The soy sauce should stick nicely, and it shouldn't be too runny. The main things to add are ginger (if you have fresh ginger, use that), garlic, sesame oil, and soy sauce.  For roughly half a kg of cabbage, I use 1/4-1/2 cup soy sauce.  Use about 1-2 tablespoons of sugar.... or not. It helps the fermentation and makes it taste GOOD.
- Pack it "nice" into a jar, or a yoghurt container, or a cup, or .... something.  Make sure it's packed down well.  Add a bit of lemon juice to make sure the cabbage is submersed under a liquid (to prevent premature spoilage)
- Wait for 2-4 days.  Read a book, or do something fun... OR NOT!!! WHATEVS!!!
- Refrigerate and/or eat after you see bubbles forming.  The naturally-occuring bacteria in the cabbage will initiate the fermentation process.  The cabbage will expand a bit during the waiting phase, so leave a bit of space in the jar.
-ENJOY (life).

Side note: kimchi has vitamin B12, I think.  I'm pretty sure, at least.  B12 is a by-product of fermentation, which is.... neat.  Beer also has B12!  Merry Christmas!

Also! Kimchi goes very well with fatcakes for a cheap and easy lunch during tea-break.

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